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Republikanische Kongressabgeordnete Nancy Mace zahlt Ethikstrafe in vollem Umfang

Das Geheimnis um die verspätete Zahlung: Rep. Mace kündigt plötzliche Begleichung der Ethikstrafe an

Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina recently made headlines after finally settling her state ethics fine, six months after the amount was reduced significantly. The Republican congresswoman confirmed that she has issued a payment of $1,200 to cover the fines accumulated from her failure to file quarterly campaign disclosures for her state House campaign account.

The issue came to light when updated House Ethics Committee records revealed that Mace still owed the outstanding fines. Initially totaling $16,700, the fines were reduced to $1,200 in December by her former colleagues in the state House. This reduction came after Mace explained in writing to the committee that she could not afford to pay the fines, as campaign donations cannot be used for such payments.

Despite the committee giving Mace until March 1 to start paying off the fines, she had not made any payments until now. Her spokesperson cited a clerical error in the initial letter from the House Ethics Committee, stating that the first due date was mistakenly set for January 15, 2025 instead of 2024. A subsequent letter corrected this mistake, setting the due date for March 1, which Mace apparently missed.

In response to questions about the overdue payment, Mace's office explained that she had been busy and had intended to settle the fine this week. However, the delay raised concerns, especially given Mace's recent victory in a primary challenge and her participation in a controversial reimbursement program for House members, which has sparked an investigation by the U.S. House Ethics Committee.

As part of the program, members of Congress are allowed to claim expenses related to maintaining residences in both their district and Washington. Mace reportedly expensed $27,817 from the reimbursement program in 2023, drawing attention from the media and triggering the ongoing inquiry by the Ethics Committee.

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Mace's political career has been marked by a swift rise to prominence, having served in the state Legislature for only one term before defeating Democratic incumbent Joe Cunningham in 2020. Her victory in the coastal 1st District helped flip the seat back to the Republicans after a brief period under Democratic control.

Despite facing criticism for her delayed payment of ethics fines and scrutiny over her participation in the reimbursement program, Mace remains a prominent figure in South Carolina politics. Her recent electoral success and ongoing controversies have kept her in the spotlight, with national media closely monitoring her actions and decisions in Congress.

In conclusion, Rep. Nancy Mace's belated settlement of her state ethics fine has brought attention to her financial responsibilities and political conduct. While the payment has now been made, questions remain about the circumstances leading to the delay and the implications for her future in office. As the investigation by the Ethics Committee continues, Mace's actions and decisions will be closely scrutinized, shaping public perception of her leadership and accountability as a representative in Congress.

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