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SEC-Zulassung von Solana ETFs unklar: Experte äußert Zweifel

JP Morgan zweifelt: Wird Solana und andere Krypto-ETFs jemals die Genehmigung der Regulierungsbehörden erhalten?

JP Morgan is of the opinion that the chances of approving ETFs for assets like Solana (SOL) are not very promising. The managing director and global market strategist Nikolaos Panigirtzoglou expressed his skepticism regarding the regulatory approval for such ETFs. According to Panigirtzoglou, the recent decision by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to approve spot Ethereum ETFs is already a significant stretch. The uncertainty surrounding whether the SEC considers Ethereum as a security or a commodity despite the approvals adds to the complexity of the situation.

Panigirtzoglou highlighted the lack of clarity in the regulatory environment, which raises doubts about the approval of ETFs for other assets like Solana. He mentioned, "We don’t think the SEC would go even further by approving Solana or other token ETFs." The stance of the SEC towards tokens other than Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) being classified as securities indicates a more stringent approach in comparison to its stance towards ETH.

While there are varying opinions on the possibility of a Solana ETF being approved, some individuals are more optimistic about the potential outcome. Crypto investor Brian Kelly believes that the approval of Ethereum ETFs could pave the way for a Solana ETF approval, but he also acknowledged the issue of Solana's security status. Bloomberg ETF analyst James Seyffart expects that a Solana ETF could succeed in the coming years, especially with the introduction of legislation like FIT21, which aims to provide clarity in distinguishing between securities and futures markets. However, Seyffart also recognized the challenge posed by Solana's security status.

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Despite the optimism expressed by some commentators, the prediction market odds are not favorable for the approval of a Solana ETF by the end of 2024. Polymarket reports that there is only a 13% chance of the SEC approving a Solana ETF within the specified timeframe.

The SEC has previously classified Solana and other alternative cryptocurrencies as securities in various enforcement cases. In the case against Coinbase, the SEC referred to Solana as one of the tokens offered as an investment contract and security in past and present sales. The regulator also highlighted Solana Labs' $23 million Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFTs) as an example of offering and selling securities. Additionally, the SEC has referred to SOL as a security in cases against major cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance and Kraken.

Despite the SEC's classification of Solana as a security in enforcement cases, no direct enforcement action has been taken against Solana Labs or any related parties. This ambiguity in the regulatory stance on Solana further adds to the uncertainty surrounding the approval of a Solana ETF.

In conclusion, the regulatory environment surrounding cryptocurrency ETFs, particularly for assets like Solana, remains complex and uncertain. While some individuals hold optimistic views on the potential approval of a Solana ETF, JP Morgan's skepticism reflects the prevailing uncertainties and challenges in obtaining regulatory approval in the current landscape. The classification of Solana as a security by the SEC in enforcement cases further complicates the prospects of securing regulatory approval for a Solana ETF.

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