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ConsenSys startet Linea, sein ZK-Rollup-Netzwerk, auf Main Ethereum Netzwerk

ConsenSys, the developer of MetaMask, is planning to launch its Layer-2 network called Linea on the Ethereum mainnet this week. Linea utilizes Zero-Knowledge Cryptography (ZK), which is considered one of the most important blockchain trends of the year.

Zero-Knowledge Cryptography (ZK) enables more cost-effective and faster blockchain transactions. This Layer-2 network aims to improve scalability and transaction processing on Ethereum, combating network congestion and high gas fees. According to ConsenSys, transaction fees on Linea will be 15 times lower than on the Ethereum mainnet.

The Rollup network implemented by Linea is commonly referred to as zkEVM, which stands for Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine. This Rollup network is designed to be fully compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) programming environment. Roll-Ups are also considered an essential part of Ethereum’s development roadmap.

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Linea is being introduced after a successful testnet phase, during which 5.5 million unique wallets conducted over 46 million transactions in three months. According to ConsenSys, Linea has been one of the most active initiatives on the Ethereum Goerli testnet.

App developers will be able to deploy their projects on Linea’s “Alpha” network starting on Friday, and the general public will have access to it from next week.

Main features of Linea’s Alpha Mainnet Phase

Linea has introduced several significant upgrades with the release of its Alpha Mainnet phase. These include a new outer-proof system and a dynamic fee mechanism.

The Alpha Mainnet stage of Linea includes a feature called batch merging. This feature optimizes the number of Layer-2 transactions and blocks that fit into a submitted Layer-1 batch. As a result, Linea is able to reduce the fixed costs associated with Layer 1 and provide a more cost-effective transaction experience.

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In addition to lower transaction fees, the launch of Linea’s Alpha Mainnet phase is expected to reduce friction for developers and improve onboarding through fast finality, capital-efficient bridging, and inheritance of Ethereum’s security. These upgrades will allow Linea to offer transaction costs that are significantly cheaper than Ethereum’s base layer.

MetaMask is also expected to include Linea support

MetaMask, a wallet offered by ConsenSys, will soon support Linea as well. It will allow users to access the network through MetaMask’s portfolio and its bridge, swap, and buy functionalities. The integration is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks, and MetaMask users will be able to seamlessly interact with Linea’s decentralized applications and protocols.

ConsenSys has also announced the Linea Ecosystem Investment Alliance (EIA). The goal of the EIA is to support developers and builders by providing funding and resources alongside the launch of Linea’s Mainnet Alpha.

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