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Metacade (MCADE) konkurriert mit Web 3.0-Spielen

Metacade CEO Stays Ambitious ahead of Main Platform Launch
Since going public, Metacade has seen a meteoric rise, with investors drawn to its unique Web 3.0 gaming ecosystem. The token has been lauded as a 10x investment with good reason, and its popularity is easy to understand as the company pursues an ambitious strategy for growth.

But with the ongoing bear market, some investors may be hesitant to get involved in cryptocurrency. However, Metacade CEO Russell Bennett intentionally launched the platform during this downturn to ensure a bullish surge once the market turned.

The move paid off, as the pre-sale sold out quickly, with investors keen to invest in a gaming platform that promises to be like no other. The company’s roadmap has already been successful, and now the main platform is set to launch, starting with the Metacade Lite.

Metacade is looking to become the largest community-driven Web 3.0 gaming platform. It offers significant earning opportunities for users, something that was previously unheard of in the space. Developers can engage with a ready-made community for their creations and funding via MetaGrants. In short, Metacade’s vision is to be the go-to destination for gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and developers alike.

The platform is also trying to avoid the sustainability issues that have plagued similar platforms in the past, with a launchpad that will enable other projects to launch and contribute to Metacade’s revenue. Additionally, there will be advertising opportunities and job listings, making Metacade a self-sustaining gaming platform.

With the main platform’s launch under a week away, CEO Bennett has emphasized the need to create a fantastic community and forge partnerships to bridge the gap between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. The ambitious plans are set to create a thriving Web 3.0 community where users have a voice and can earn.

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Despite launching in a bear market, the MCADE token has held its value, trading at $0.024 in a bull market and over its final pre-sale price of $0.02. The current price is experiencing a market correction after reaching a record high of $0.045. This correction mirrors investor profit-taking, with prices poised to rise once again with increasing demand.

The current price may be attractive to those who missed the pre-sale and want to buy-in during a dip. Analysts predict a ten-fold return on investment, with many similar tokens having grown 1,000% in the months following the launch.

In conclusion, Metacade’s unique approach to gaming is attracting much attention and investment. As the platform continues to grow, the MCADE token is poised for significant returns, offering users a rare opportunity to earn money while gaming. With Metacade Lite’s launch, we can expect to see a new era in Web 3.0 gaming.

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