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Wochenrückblick: Musk über “massive Anreize” Geld aus Banken zu holen, Dave Ramsey weist De-Dollarisierungsängste zurück, BTC-Netzwerkkongestion lässt nach und mehr – Die wöchentlichen Bitcoin-Nachrichten. Kürzer: Wochenrückblick: Musk fordert Geldauszug aus Banken, Ramsey sndet De-Dollarisierungsängste ab, BTC-Netzwerkkongestion verbessert sich und mehr – die Bitcoin-News der Woche.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Twitter, recently shared a “massive incentive” to move money out of bank accounts. In a tweet, Musk referred to the significant interest rate gap created by the US Treasury and Federal Reserve. He argued that as more people and companies realize this, bank depositor flight will accelerate to extreme levels, including banks that are considered “too big to fail.” He also added that the current system is not benefiting the people, emphasizing the need to move toward decentralized finance.

On the other hand, personal finance coach and author Dave Ramsey counterargued that de-dollarization fears are overblown. He dismissed the possibility of a BRICS currency or the Chinese Yuan displacing the US Dollar in international trade, stating that they do not have the necessary strength to take down the dollar.

The US Federal Reserve recently revealed that 722 banks reported unrealized losses exceeding 50% of their capital at the end of Q3 2022. Rising interest rates have contributed significantly to these losses, creating significant unrealized losses in investment securities and, in some cases, depressing tangible equity. This revelation leads to growing concerns about a US banking crisis.

In other news, the congestion in the Bitcoin network began to ease this week, resulting in a significant reduction in onchain fees. On May 7, 2023, the network experienced an overwhelming 500,000 unconfirmed transactions that caused a major bottleneck in the system. However, the network has started to clear congestion, providing hope for better and faster transaction speeds.

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Overall, these stories demonstrate the increasing importance and value of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, and the potential shift to decentralized finance. However, only time will tell how these changes will affect the traditional centralized banking system and the dominant US Dollar in the international financial market.

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