VC Spectra Sells Over 60% Of Stage 1 Available Supply

Cameron Winklevoss, a notable investor and co-founder of the cryptocurrency platform Gemini, and Barry Silbert, CEO of the Digital Currency Group (DCG), recently engaged in public arguments as they responded to controversies within the industry. The unfolding drama drew the attention of John E Deaton, an XRP lawyer and founder of CryptoLaw.

On the other hand,VC Spectra continues to flourish and draw the attention of savvy investors as it sells over 60% of the stage 1 tokens available. Let’s get to the bottom of these events! Cameron Winklevoss’s Open Letter to DCG CEO: A Rebuttal from XRP Lawyer

American investor Cameron Winklevoss tweeted a thread that included a screenshot of an open letter written to DCG CEO Barry Silbert, catching the attention of XRP lawyer John Deaton. 

Winklevoss re emphasized the importance of repaying the impacted clients by highlighting the massive $1.2 billion of assets locked in the bankrupt crypto lender Genesis, which DCG owns. 

According to the letter, Genesis owes Gemini $900 million in repayment for money that Gemini loaned to Genesis for the Gemini Earn program.

In light of Winklevoss’ new letter, XRP lawyer John E. Deaton advised Winklevoss to pursue legal action if his accusations were true. The pro-XRP Lawyer added that honesty is essential in times of crisis.

When someone shows you who he really is, take him at his word and his actions,” said XRP lawyer Deaton.

VC Spectra Avoids Drama, Successfully Sells Over 60% of Its SPCT Tokens

A rise in VC Spectra prices could make it a top choice among existing cryptocurrencies. Even at its presale stage, VC Spectra has surprised investors and industry professionals with its enormous potential and innovative features.

VC Spectra is a decentralized hedge fund that provides access to the best investment opportunities across various blockchain projects and digital firms. Users of VC Spectra have full control over their assets while exploring an extensive range of assets and picking up on trends in niche markets.

The VC Spectra token is a BRC-20 standard token created on the Bitcoin blockchain with a deflationary burn mechanism that gradually reduces circulation. VC Spectra token holders gain access to exclusive pre-ICO discounts and other privileges, such as investment voting rights.

Using cutting-edge AI techniques and thorough risk analysis, VC Spectra selects the most lucrative projects. Therefore, investors holding VC Spectra tokens can safely and easily trade for maximum profit with the lowest risk.

Moreover, the easy-to-use visualization features in VC Spectra help users quickly learn the market and make educated decisions. Profits from their investments are distributed to them in the form of dividends and buybacks quarterly.

VC Spectra has sold over 60% of its tokens available in its first stage of the public presale. The current price of one VC Spectra token is $0.008. In the second stage of the presale, VC Spectra is expected to be priced at $0.011, with an ROI of 37.5%. The price will continue to rise to the target launch price of the VC Spectra token of $0.08, marking a 900% growth.

Learn more about the VC Spectra presale here:

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Presale: https://invest.vcspectra.io/login

Website: https://vcspectra.io/

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