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Bitcoin Bloodbath: Marktvolatilität löst Panik aus und löscht Open Interest in Höhe von 1 Milliarde Dollar aus

Bitcoin (BTC) has experienced a strong increase in volatility over the last 24 hours, with prices fluctuating between $29,000 and $27,000 due to the lack of liquidity in the market. This sudden price action has had significant impacts on both Bulls and Bears.

At the moment, Bitcoin has managed to reach the level of $29,000, and it remains to be seen whether it will continue to recover and consolidate above its psychological key level of $30,000, which supports the continuation of its bull run, or whether there will be further declines in the coming days or weeks.

False rumors prompt Bitcoin investors to liquidate en masse

According to the Satoshi Club, rumors about the US government and Mt. Gox sales were initially believed to be true, leading to panic selling among Bitcoin traders. However, it was later confirmed that the data had been misclassified and no such sales had taken place.

The impact of these rumors on the market was significant, as traders were already nervous due to the high volatility of the market. The news of possible large-scale sales by the US government and Mt. Gox, a now-defunct Bitcoin exchange, only heightened the uncertainty and fear among traders.

The market panic led to the liquidation of positions worth $300 million at the time of writing and the wiping out of $1 billion in open interest within 24 hours. This was a severe blow for both long and short traders as many were forced to exit their positions at a loss.

Open interest can affect the price of Bitcoin as it reflects the level of market participation and sentiment. If open interest is high, this indicates greater interest and activity in the market, which may lead to price movements.

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However, the market has since recovered, and the value of Bitcoin has risen again. The funding rate has returned to around 0.003, indicating that traders are no longer over-leveraged, and the open interest has also declined, indicating a lack of significant activity in the market.

Will BTC reclaim the $30,000 mark?

Material Indicators, a leading provider of cryptocurrency analysis, has analyzed the weekly BTC/USDT chart, which shows that bid liquidity is moving up and ask liquidity is moving down. According to Material Indicators, volatility is subdued when bid and ask liquidity converges more strongly around a price point, leading to sideways movement until one side makes a move.

According to the analysis of Material, this type of price movement is different from what was observed yesterday as bids and asks initially moved up, indicating a clear path for a pump. However, as things began to get "messed up," demands began to decline and eventually flow into the liquidity gap that had been created on the way up.

In addition, CryptoCon, a leading provider of cryptocurrency analysis, has highlighted Bitcoin's recent decline, which has seen a drop of 15%. This decline has allowed the Chaikin Money Flow (CMF) indicator to reset slightly as it is dangerously close to reaching the mid-top line of 0.35.

The CMF indicator is a technical analysis tool that measures buying and selling pressure on the market. When the CMF is above zero, buying pressure is stronger than selling pressure, and vice versa when it is below zero. The mid-top line of 0.35 represents the halfway point for Bitcoin's true gains.

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According to CryptoCon, Bitcoin's mid-top cycle is approaching soon, but it is only half of the "real gains" for Bitcoin in one cycle. This means that Bitcoin still has significant potential for further gains in the market.

In conclusion, while Bitcoin's volatility may have caused panic among investors, it has shown resilience in the face of false rumors and managed to recover from a significant decline. Whether it will continue to rise and surpass the $30,000 mark remains to be seen, but the indicators suggest that there is potential for further gains in the future.

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