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Krypto-Investoren sehen Wert in der P2P-Wettlösung von Chancer

Chancer: Revolutionizing the Online Betting Industry with Blockchain Technology

In just a matter of days, investors have purchased over 38 million Chancer tokens in the project's pre-sale. The excitement surrounding this project stems from its promise to disrupt the online betting industry. With the current pre-sale price of CHANCER tokens at $0.01, it appears to be a bargain for early investors.

The Chancer pre-sale began this month, offering investors an early opportunity to become part of a groundbreaking betting platform. But why have investors already acquired more than 38 million $CHANCER tokens in the token sale?

The value proposition of Chancer lies in its innovative approach to betting as a blockchain-based marketplace. It aims to take control away from centralized bookmakers and hand it over to bettors. Without a central provider, individuals can place their own bets and receive payouts based on smart contracts. Bets are shared globally, creating a real-time social environment.

This is made possible by the potential of Chancer to completely transform the gambling industry, harnessing the power of Web3. Early supporters of this peer-to-peer online betting platform could be investing in the most groundbreaking project in the prediction market industry.

So, what exactly is Chancer? It is building the world's first truly decentralized prediction market. By utilizing blockchain technology, it introduces transparency and immutability, offering a trusted environment that stands in contrast to the highly centralized traditional betting industry.

The CHANCER token provides bettors with new opportunities, allowing them to retain control over their betting experience by providing a platform for creating their own prediction markets. No longer will bookmakers have the authority to decide which markets to offer and restrict.

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This means users can participate in all kinds of bets, from major sporting events and political competitions to everyday bets with friends and family. And if you don't want to create your own custom bet, you can access bets from anywhere in the world.

Chancer's P2P platform, audited by Certik and integrated with Google's WebRTC, makes social betting not only entertaining but also likely to be more profitable.

Is the CHANCER pre-sale the right time to buy? The CHANCER token is vital to the functioning of Chancer as it grants holders access to the prediction market and enables participants to complete all bets. Payouts are also settled in CHANCER.

The Chancer pre-sale is the reason investors are flocking to the project. Projections suggest that the betting industry could be a $150 billion market in a few years, with estimated annual growth of 11% until 2030. Adding to that is Chancer's potential to revolutionize the entire industry, presenting a significant opportunity in an anticipated crypto boom.

Based on these prospects, it seems that investors who buy CHANCER today could be early adopters of a project that will grow with and revolutionize the broader market.

At the current price of $0.01, CHANCER seems like a massive bargain, especially considering that the token's value will increase by over 100% to $0.021 during the pre-sale.

As seen on the pre-sale page, tokens are selling out rapidly. This means interested investors may want to buy now to secure early gains while the platform goes through its 12 pre-sale phases.

Will the CHANCER price reach $1 in 2024? Chancer's industry-defining project is still in development, with the beta launch of the P2P betting platform expected in the third quarter of 2023. Meanwhile, the token will go live on exchanges at the end of the pre-sale, opening it up to more investors and increasing demand.

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Availability on major exchanges could lead to an upward movement in the CHANCER price, coinciding with potential upward trends in the crypto market. Chancer's product development will continue until the fourth quarter, with testnets for market making, virtual betting, and providing full nodes to drive further growth.

The mainnet launch is expected in the first quarter of 2024. Chancer will also integrate Filecoin data storage, migrate validation nodes, and provide quadratic governance. A Certik audit will be conducted to verify decentralization, including Chancer's tokenomics outlining a deflationary token.

Overall, the Chancer roadmap indicates a project on track to achieve significant milestones. This could increase investor confidence and lead to higher demand for the native token, favoring an upward trend that could coincide with an expected bull cycle.

Should the CHANCER price drop to $0.1 after the release, the forecast suggests an increase to the main target of $1 later in 2024. However, every investor knows that prevailing market conditions will continue to play a crucial role in the future price development of CHANCER.

Interested in this project? Learn more at Chancer.com.

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